All Belgian Beers par Jaak Van Damme, Hilde Deweer

All Belgian Beers par Jaak Van Damme, Hilde Deweer

Titre de livre: All Belgian Beers

Auteur: Jaak Van Damme, Hilde Deweer

ISBN: 9058563774

Jaak Van Damme, Hilde Deweer avec All Belgian Beers

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The rich diversity of Belgian beers appeals to people's imagination all over the world. Countless tourists collect crown caps, beer mats, glasses and bottles, taking a little piece of Belgian pride back home. Worldwide, beer lovers come together to swap tips and tasting notes. All Belgian Beers offers an alphabetical overview of the beers brewed by recognised Belgian brewers, for their own assortment or for other beer companies. The catalogue features both beers from industrial companies, smaller craft breweries, microbreweries and home breweries, as long as they are bottled and sold outside the brewery or local pub. Own-label beers for supermarkets, private- label beers or occasional beers have deliberately not been included. Never before has such an extensive selection been written about as in this reference book, which will undoubtedly become a personal beer bible, an indispensable guide to this tremendously diverse part of Belgian cultural heritage.