Fertility can be Preserved after Cancer


Oncological treatments cause such serious damage to the reproductive organs that the possibility of conceiving for these patients practically disappears. But thanks to the advances in assisted reproduction this situation is changing.

The conception of cancer today is not the same as it was a few years ago. At present, many types of tumors heal completely; survival rates are higher; the treatments are more sophisticated, effective and less harmful and scientists understand the disease better.

Although it is also true that it tends to affect more people and appear at younger ages, no doubt, nowadays, the options so that cancer patients can already think not only of survival but in the future that comes to them, are many .

However, it is a fact that at the time of diagnosis this is probably the last thing they think about. This is what Eliana Mejia, a survivor of breast cancer, says: “you only think about the instant. They tell you that you are diagnosed and immediately your questions are whether they will chemo, if you are going to lose the breast, what will happen to the couple. ” As the priority is to preserve life, neither the oncologists nor the treating doctors usually talk about options for the future. “No one tells us that because of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, we will become infertile,” adds Mejia.

This has become an uncomfortable situation for thousands of young men and women diagnosed who lost the possibility of being parents because they did not know the effect that, in that sense, the cancer treatments could leave in their bodies.

For this reason, the Rosa Mode initiative, which works for the early detection of breast cancer and the gynecologist and specialist in human reproduction, came together to inform cancer patients who, after cancer, can give life through novel techniques of assisted reproduction to preserve fertility. “The idea is that doctors begin to handle this information within what they talk to the diagnosed. Let them know about these possibilities “, says Michelle.

Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapies or surgery cause so many injuries to the body that they lead to functional damage to the production, maturation and release of sperm and eggs that cause infertility.

Among the methods used by those who want to preserve paternity is the cryopreservation of semen and eggs, which freeze these sex cells. There is also embryo cryopreservation, which is a good choice for stable couples and finally cryopreservation of ovarian tissue, which is ideal for those girls who have not reached sexual maturity and still do not produce the necessary amount of eggs. “Usually, the uterus looks good and successful pregnancies can take place , ” explains John.