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Fertility can be Preserved after Cancer


Oncological treatments cause such serious damage to the reproductive organs that the possibility of conceiving for these patients practically disappears. But thanks to the advances in assisted reproduction this situation is changing.

The conception of cancer today is not the same as it was a few years ago. At present, many types of tumors heal completely; survival rates are higher; the treatments are more sophisticated, effective and less harmful and scientists understand the disease better.

Although it is also true that it tends to affect more people and appear at younger ages, no doubt, nowadays, the options so that cancer patients can already think not only of survival but in the future that comes to them, are many .

However, it is a fact that at the time of diagnosis this is probably the last thing they think about. This is what Eliana Mejia, a survivor of breast cancer, says: “you only think about the instant. They tell you that you are diagnosed and immediately your questions are whether they will chemo, if you are going to lose the breast, what will happen to the couple. ” As the priority is to preserve life, neither the oncologists nor the treating doctors usually talk about options for the future. “No one tells us that because of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, we will become infertile,” adds Mejia.

This has become an uncomfortable situation for thousands of young men and women diagnosed who lost the possibility of being parents because they did not know the effect that, in that sense, the cancer treatments could leave in their bodies.

For this reason, the Rosa Mode initiative, which works for the early detection of breast cancer and the gynecologist and specialist in human reproduction, came together to inform cancer patients who, after cancer, can give life through novel techniques of assisted reproduction to preserve fertility. “The idea is that doctors begin to handle this information within what they talk to the diagnosed. Let them know about these possibilities “, says Michelle.

Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapies or surgery cause so many injuries to the body that they lead to functional damage to the production, maturation and release of sperm and eggs that cause infertility.

Among the methods used by those who want to preserve paternity is the cryopreservation of semen and eggs, which freeze these sex cells. There is also embryo cryopreservation, which is a good choice for stable couples and finally cryopreservation of ovarian tissue, which is ideal for those girls who have not reached sexual maturity and still do not produce the necessary amount of eggs. “Usually, the uterus looks good and successful pregnancies can take place , ” explains John.


Very Rare and most expensive disease in the World

Hemophilia is an orphan disease because of its low incidence in the population, but it is one of the ones that has the most impact because of its high cost.

Hemophilia is hereditary disease consisting of a genetic defect: the lack of coagulation factor. While a patient with normal levels of anticoagulant factor in the blood presents hemorrhages only when it is struck strongly or is cut with some element, the patients with hemophilia suffer from constant bleeds, which are generated spontaneously

According to an internist hematologist and scientific advisor to the US League of Hemophilia, this disease has a very defined pattern of inheritance: mothers are the carriers, but their male children are the ones who develop the disease. However, a woman with the genetic defect has a 50 percent chance of having a healthy male child and 50 percent of having the disease.

In US, only 4,000 people suffer from this disease. Most are diagnosed between two and three years of age when they begin to walk, fall and present bruises on their body. This is done with a test of blood clotting factor levels. But today, thanks to advances in technology, this analysis can be done in the prenatal stage. Depending on the levels that are revealed in the examinations, and of the scale that each patient presents, the pathology is classified as mild, moderate or severe.

The quality of life of the patients depends on the degree of the pathology. In patients with severe or severe hemophilia, coagulant factor levels may be as low as 1 percent, requiring special care. Patients of mild or moderate category can have a normal life with sporadic controls and medical attention only when they present some type of bleeding. ” Severe or severe patients should be under the care of a multidisciplinary medical group, in a specialized hemophiliac center , “.

The treatment for patients with severe hemophilia consists of providing the factor responsible for blood clotting to keep bleeding under control and is estimated to cost approximately 70 million pesos per patient per year. It is a disease that has 100 percent coverage by the health system and that is why in Colombia, very good treatment is given to patients with hemophilia. “In fact, it is the country that has the highest coagulant factor consumption, above Brazil , Mexico and Argentina, “says the specialist.

One of the most famous cases of women bearing the genetic defect in world history is that of Queen Victoria of England. She had children carriers and hemophiliacs, so that being a disease of royalty, in Europe and the United States have developed important genetic therapies for the management of the disease that become a hope to find the ultimate cure.

Vitamin D and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis

Scientists increasingly find evidence that a sun vitamin deficiency could determine the course of the disease.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease that does not have many certainties. But one of the few things that can be established is its relationship with low levels of vitamin D, since it is known that it affects mainly people from countries far from Ecuador, that is, those that do not receive so directly the Sun rays. For this reason, scientists have focused their efforts to understand this pathology and how to control the vitamin D deficit to prevent the progression of MS.

A neurologist at the University Clinic, explains that “more than a vitamin, D is almost like a hormone, because it becomes a factor that generates immunomodulation.” This occurs mainly when the skin is exposed to the rays of the sun, but can also be consumed through supplements. Therefore, one of the hypotheses of the researchers is that increasing the intake of vitamin D could favor the course of the disease.

Additionally, more and more research shows how an environmental factor can influence the behavior of a gene. Lack of vitamin D in early childhood may increase the risk of MS and another surprising finding is that people who have migrated are at risk for the disease in the country they move to. “In multiple sclerosis, the relationship is punctually due to its deficit and is related to a higher prevalence and deterioration. However, it has not been seen whether supplementing it improves the diagnosis, ”

Still, scientists insist that the key to understanding the disease is in vitamin D. That’s why multiple attempts have been made to determine whether vitamin supplementation can be a key determinant of multiple sclerosis. In that way, they have used different doses, different methods of consumption and the truth is that there are no clear lines that indicate how much vitamin is needed, nor the evidence of the studies that is still is enough.

Multiple sclerosis is not the only pathology related to vitamin D deficiency. It has been associated with diseases such as osteoporosis, rickets in children, depression, some autoimmune conditions, dementias, and cerebrovascular disease. The bad news is that most people do not get enough vitamin D. The deficiency has no symptoms, so it could only be detected by a blood test.

The proper food intake, such as for example cereals, soy products, dairy products fortified with vitamin D and cod liver oil can help keep at bay vitamin deficiency. On the other hand, “sunbathing on a regular basis at times where UV radiation is not so hard is the best way to get it,” explains Navas . “One trick that can be used is that in the weather app of the cell phone, locate the UV index and try to use that indicator to sunbathe. The best hours are between 6 and 8 am and 4 to 5 pm Without blocker and with the skin uncovered, only the face is covered to protect it ” , completes the expert.

Multiple sclerosis is the second most common cause of disability in young adults. Some of its symptoms are cognitive impairment, loss of sensation in extremities, depression, fatigue, among others. This disease causes great social, economic and labor impact as it occurs in individuals between 20 and 40 years old, age range in which people are more productive. In Colombia, there are approximately 2500 patients with this condition.

An opportunity to lose weight naturally


There are several ways to lose weight but how many of them are really a healthy way to practice or try ? the most important thing to see while choosing a way to lose weight is whether it is a natural one, in the sense it would help you to shed fat and not muscle.

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How to get the Right Fat Burning Health Supplement for You


If you are wanting to lose weight, you know that diet and exercise will be the major two elements to live a healthier and stronger daily life as well as losing weight. Having said that, it’s possible you have seen that occasionally such things are simply not enough.

For many people, eating and working out work well until eventually their body chemistry gets familiar with it, and then the weight reduction decelerates. These people still shed pounds, although not in the momentum they had been. In cases like this, a fat burning supplement may be the appropriate aspect to jump start your current weight reduction once again.

Considering the expanding niche for fat loss nutritional supplements, it is typically very difficult to choose one which fits your life-style. From prescription medications to organic and natural nutritional supplements, there’s a great diversity of various ways you’re able to take supplements to enhance your weight loss, but in order to choose the best choice for you, you’ll want to do some study.

This allows you to conserve both money and time by not purchasing dietary supplements which might be known to not help. You can easily study more about them well before you spend your hard earned dollars on something which would possibly not work effectively for you personally.


Non-Invasive Pain Relief


If you suffer from chronic pain, you know there are a lot of options out there to treat it. One of the least favorite is surgery. In many cases, especially spinal or joint problems, surgery is indicated as the best way to treat pain. The problem is most surgeries require a long and often uncomfortable recovery period and sometimes simply do not work, requiring more surgeries.

Traditionally painkillers were the only option but the side effects were often as unbearable as the pain. For those looking for noninvasive pain relief therapy there was chiropractic therapy, acupuncture, physical therapy, and natural remedies. Today’s technology brings yet another treatment using lasers. Laser treatment can ease pain without annoying side effects, surgery, or other hassles.

It’s able to uniquely target the problem areas, allowing a deep, penetrating therapy that encourages healing. Spinal decompression, NFATM technology. Electro stimulation and other noninvasive therapies work to bring about pain relief and healthy tissue. Talk to your doctor today and see if one of these therapies might be right for you. They can help you avoid surgery and long recovery times will bringing relief when traditional treatments fail, all without the side effects or risks associated with traditional pain relief treatments.


Significance of Breast Implant


It is conclusive that some women have concern about having undersized breasts. They will get to the point sometimes when they become covetous towards other women who have big or larger than usual breasts. It will then result in a cause why they have rundown self regard that decreases the self-belief.

Thinking and questioning themselves why they do not have those pair of jiggling breasts can give more dissatisfaction’s as almost all men get captivated with those jiggles. And the final choice they can think of to have those impressive breasts is undergoing a surgical procedure of breast implants.

Honolulu breast surgery gives the solution for the problems they face. It is a big question how some women find their magnificent breasts however in few cases they get it from their mom. So they don’t really have the need of breast implants. Talking about breast implants, you need a qualified surgeon to conduct the augmentation process perfectly and completely. Breast implant is a sensitive surgical process; so, when you are planning to take up this kind of surgery, better go for qualified and trusted surgeons.


What’s Causing Your Low Testosterone?

Testosterone is an important hormone in the human body. It helps the body perform certain functions and maintains certain functions. However, as you age, testosterone levels naturally start to decrease. If you are age 30 or over, you are probably experiencing lower levels of testosterone. This lowered production of this important hormone can lead to a number of issues, including hair loss, infertility and a decreased physical drive.

But, what’s causing your lowered testosterone levels? Here’s a look at some of the top causes from Men’s T Clinic:

  • Primary hypogandism could be the cause of your lowered testosterone production. This condition causes the testes to be underactive, which means that they are not producing sufficient levels of testosterone.
  • Hemochromatosis, a condition in which there is too much iron in the blood cells, could be another reason for your lowered testosterone development. This condition can cause damage to the pituitary gland or testicular failure.
  • Klinefelter’s Syndrome is another common cause of low T development. Men with this condition are borwn with three chromosomes: two X’s and 1 Y.
  • Physical injury to the testicles can also lead to lowered testosterone development. Do note that both testicles have to be injured in order to affect testosterone development.

Diet Bars that can Help you to Lose Weight


Proteins are biochemical substance which helps in biological function. In connection to this, proteins bars have been more popular these days. These are substance which people usually seek out low glycemic products which has slow energy release for a long period of time.

The real efficient protein bars should offer fast-acting carbohydrates to expedite fast energy delivery. They might even require a common glycemic content to ensure that a human system is properly fueled as and when it needs the most.

Protein bars are found almost every place. Wide selections of these are found in a couple of health food stores. It is somewhat difficult to make a common statement regarding all protein bars. But some of the protein bars are little higher than the glorified junk foods. Considering this, we have an option of chocolite protein bars.

It is known for its appearance and delicious taste. It is a chocolate flavored candy bar providing protein benefits. It makes a really nice snack or a post-workout treat for people who feel they need some energy. There are options to buy chocolite protein bars online.

We need to do little research with the search engine to find loads of online stores that offer chocolite sugar free protein bars. People who wish to save time and money should go for online store which offer free shipping.


1,800 Bad Drugs from which you Have to Stay away


In medical terms, a negative side effect is a destructive and detrimental effect brought about from a treatment or other intrusion like clinical procedure. There are 1800 baddrug in use today around the globe. The undesirable end product caused by these drugs are called side effect. Undesirable effects are at times mentioned as “iatrogenic” due to the fact that they are caused by a doctor or treatment. Certain side effects take place only when initiating, raising or terminating a treatment.

Making use of a drug or other medical involvement which is contraindicated could possibly raise the danger of side effects. These effects might bring about medical problems of a disease or procedure and in the negative disturb its outcome. They might also lead to failure with the course of therapy.

The detrimental result is typically specified by certain end result such as illness, death, change in body weight, amounts of enzymes, loss of function or as a cellular change identified at the microscopic, macroscopic or biological level. It could perhaps be specified by symptoms described by a patient.